Week 10 -"A Reader's Thoughts"

Dear Friends and Family,

Over the past couple of weeks, I have received a great deal of feedback
from readers of my book. Many reference how the book brings to mind loved ones lost, sometimes many years ago.

One reader reached out to me recently to share his thoughts. He referenced his dad who passed away over twenty years ago. He also sent me some excerpts from the book that resonated with him. He hopes they also resonate with others. He gave me permission to share his thoughts.

This Week’s Feature: “A Reader’s Thoughts”

Yoel Yohan and I met many years ago when we both worked together in Corporate Industrial Engineering at UPS. He is now thriving as a consultant (in the areas of process improvement and re-engineering) and as an author.

Yoel and I recently reconnected when he subscribed to my newsletter
and subsequently attended my Book Launch on August 26 th . Yoel actually read my entire book right after the event and I noticed on Sunday, August 27th that he wrote a wonderful review on Amazon. I reached out to thank him for the review and he informed me that he was highlighting excerpts of my book that really stood out to him. This truly intrigued me so I asked him if he would mind sharing the excerpts/one-liners that truly resonated with him. He sent me the following very thoughtful response:

“Your book can help people who have experienced Grief 10-20 years ago.

I always share [with others] that I lost my Dad in 2000 (23 years ago) and still think of him every day with all the best things/thoughts about him and the sacrifices he made for me. I always share these thoughts with others who have lost loved ones to help them know that this is a growth process, and it has no ending.

Because I spend time on him every day, I know him better than I ever did, and thank God daily for new visions and understanding I did not have.

Thank you for all you are doing by sharing your very personal loss and feelings with Love, Passion, and Transparency. Your Bible references provide assurances for all” – Yoel.

Below are the excerpts/sections from the book that resonated with Yoel and may resonate with some of you:

  • Preface: “Since I now understand the therapeutic benefits of journaling…”
    • Yoel’s Feedback: “[This] provides space for you to journal your personal experience.”
  • Page 5: “I remember giving Daddy a glare”
    • Yoel’s Feedback: “[This is] typical of Mom & Dad reactions in different ways to similar situations.”
  • Page 15: “If I close my eyes, I can hear her singing….”
  • Yoel’s Comment:  “Your visions of spending summers in Detroit after retiring in 2020” (Page 24)
  • Page 54: “I use the terms ‘emotions’, ‘truths’, and ‘lies’ to describe my thoughts.”
  • Page 87: “God has always been with me”
  • Yoel’s Comment: “[The] Resource page (111) makes the book actionable as people look for your roadmap and your resources to help them”

Thank you again, Yoel for your transparency and for taking time to compile this information.

Photo of Yoel Yohan from the Book Launch

Photography by Mark Meadows

Prayer Request:

Please pray for those who are grieving.

What’s On Your Mind?

Please share any key lines from the book (via the Comments section, text, e-mail, etc.) that you believe will uplift others who are grieving. I will begin sharing them in my posts…Thank You!

My Ask of You:

  • Please join me in the prayer above.
  • Please consider writing a review on Amazon or the site where you
    purchased the book, once you have read it.
  • Please plan to attend as many of my upcoming Book Signing events as you can.

Upcoming Events:

  • I will be selling and signing my book at The Atlanta Writers Conference Book Fair on Friday, November 3rd (11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) at the Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel.
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Thank you for your support and prayers…

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.”

Psalm 31:24 (NIV)

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