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"Unimaginable Loss...Godly Transformation: During the Age of COVID"

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Our Selfless Journeys

Status:  Awaiting Representation

Our Selfless Journeys, set in the quaint, coastal town of Astoria, OR is an adult fiction novel that follows the story of fifteen-year-old Chloe who arrives in Astoria to live with her grandparents; traumatized, sad and silent due to undisclosed events in her past.

Chloe eventually meets Jacob, a kind, funny and handsome boy her age. Jacob is drawn to Chloe due to their shared emotional pain, along with her quick wit and kind heart, despite her silence. Jacob confides in Chloe about a time portal he found and is using to undo the death of his mom and reunite his family.

However, tampering with the past comes with a price. Soon, the time portal propels Jacob and Chloe on an intertwining journey full of love, humor, grief, forgiveness, reconciliation and self-awareness.

Sleuthing/Meddling in Santa Monica

Status: Beta Reviews in-Progress

Sleuthing/Meddling in Santa Monica is a light-hearted young adult romantic comedy with just a flare of murder mystery.

Fifteen-year-old Lily is precocious, bold, kind-hearted and feels like a misfit in her family of “demi-gods”. She also has a passion for sleuthing. What happens when she decides to sleuth or as her two older siblings, Ethan and Sophie call it, meddle in their love lives?

Eventually, Lily comes across a cold case which appears to be an excellent opportunity to put her sleuthing skills to the ultimate test. But her antics result in not only endangering her life, but also the lives of her two best friends, Brittany and Abigail. Things become even more complicated when Lily falls for Abigail’s older brother, Hudson, whose family recently moved into her neighborhood from London. He’s everything Lily ever could have imagined, especially since he’s from the United Kingdom, home of some of her favorite literary and sleuthing icons.

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